Don Kardong, a former President of Club Northwest and 4th place finisher in the 1976 Olympic Marathon, is pictured here racing in a Club singlet.

Don Kardong, a former President of Club Northwest and 4th place finisher in the 1976 Olympic Marathon, is pictured here racing in a Club singlet.

Our History:

Club Northwest began on a rainy afternoon (we presume) on November 20, 1972, when the representatives of seven small alumni clubs gathered at the University of Washington (UW) to form a new Track & Field Club. The instigators of this process were Jim Johnson, Bill Koss, and Doug Hansen, the Track-house and UW steeplechasers, UW T&F manager Bill Roe, and UW distance coach Dan Ghormley. Since that day, Club Northwest has been a leader, both in the Puget Sound and nationally, for Track & Field and Road-running.

From our founding, Club Northwest has always sought to support the local and national running scene through both support for athletes and engaging the local running community. CNW has supported a number of Olympic athletes, which include Don Kardong (1976 Montreal Olympics - Marathon), Fred Luke (1972 Munich Olympics - Javelin), and Herman Nelson (1992 Barcelona & 1996 Atlanta Olympics - 50K Racewalk), as well as several National Champions. This tradition of excellence continues through to this day. 

Our impact on the local community has been most visible in the events we've organized and publications we've produced. In our past we have operated the Seattle Marathon (1975 - 1980), the Emerald City Marathon (1983 - 1990), hosted the AAU/USATF Cross-Country (1978, 2011 ) and Track & Field Championships (2014). Additionally, we helped start and organize many races which have become staples in the Puget Sound running calendar: The Shore Run, Seafair, Resolution Run, FireCracker 5K. Many will remember the magazine The Nor'wester (Northwest Runner), which was started by the club in 1976 to chronicle the PNW running scene and published it continuously until 2016. Perhaps our most proud accomplishment is the summer All-Comers Track & Field Series, which the precursor of CNW took over from the long-defunct U.S. Track & Field Federation in 1969 and we have operated continuously ever-since. In that time we've welcomed nearly 100,000 athletes ranging in age from 3-years old through middle school, high school, college, open, and masters athletes.


Club Northwest members are Track & Field athletes, road runners, and trail runners of all ages and abilities. We welcome every competitive individual, which we define as anyone whom seeks to improve their times, age-group place, or train to reach a specific athletic or personal goal. You'll find us at almost any road race and track meet in the Puget Sound area - just look for the bright orange jerseys! We'll also be lining the course, cheering on our friends and teammates.

Quarterly social events allow our members to get together, network, and geek out about running and Track & Field. From September through June, we offer a weekly Sunday run led by one or more club runners. Additionally, we organize and run two road races - the Resolution Run in January and the Firecracker in July - along with the Summer All-Comers series, the Winter Grand Prix races, and various other events. All of which club members get discounted entry! 

Lastly, Club Northwest seeks to attract and develop promising national and Olympic caliber athletes at the post-collegiate level. As one of the oldest clubs as part of USATF, we take pride in the unique level of support we can offer promising open athletes, and always field competitive men's and women's teams at USA Club Cross Country Championships.

If Club Northwest is a community you would like to become part of, please visit our membership page and learn more about what Club Northwest can offer you!