All-Comers Track and Field Series

High Performance Results

A big "THANK YOU!!!" to Super Jock & Jill for donating gift certificates valid at their stores for the High Performance Prizes. This season, prizes will be awarded to the 5 athletes with the top PERFORMANCES of the Series based on the IAAF Scoring Tables. Prize breakdown is as follows:

  • 1st- $300 -
  • 2nd - $200 - 
  • 3rd- $125 - 
  • 4th- $75 -
  • 5th- $50 - 

We make sure both genders are eligible and there will be no age grading for masters athletes. The 2017 list after meet #6 is below:


In 2016, it took over 1000 point performances for all awards.

The table below shows how events compare in order to earn prize money.  We track all 1000-point-plus performances each season.

IAAF Score Tables.JPG