All Comers Track and Field Series


As we prepare for our 2018 (50th) season, we continue to restructure our sponsor support efforts. We thank the following long-time sponsors:  Brooks, Super Jock 'n Jill, Michael Allison and Arny Stonkus, Thornton Perry, and Run26.

  • Presenting: Series director Bill Roe!                                              
  • Presenting: (available)
  • High Performance: (available)                                                           
  • Kid's Ribbons: A Child Becomes Pre-School in West Seattle               
  • May 30: (available)    
  • June 6: USATF-Pacific Northwest and Bill Roe              
  • June 13: USATF-Pacific Northwest and Bill Roe              
  • June 20: Olympic Day 2017 (additional sponsorship available)   
  • June 27: Super Jock 'n Jill
  • July 4: SPECIAL START TIME 5:00!  Shorter schedule so you can make your favorite fireworks!  
  • July 11: Michael Allison and Arny Stonkus 
  • July 18: (available)                         
  • July 25: Run 26 of Mill Creek                                                      
  • August 1: (available)
  • August 8: The Retro Meet / Spiders from Mars                             
  • August 15: (available)

Refer potential sponsor leads to the Club Northwest Fundraising Committee chair, Acy Roff, at