2017 All-Comer's Meets Off To A Record Start!

Thank you SO much for those of you who were there braving Junuary weather on the last day of May at our first meet.  Not only was the final tally of entries — 460 — the biggest opener EVER, we could have sold more than the 67 season passes we had ready, and THAT’S a record for an entire season!

The fees collected at the gate alone paid for rent for three more meets!  I almost hate to think of what the turnout would have been like had we gotten the weather we all desired — we couldn’t have handled it with the number of staff on hand!  Those of you who were there deserve everyone’s thanks for making do without more help and still managing some humor at the end of the night.

We sold 51 season passes online alone, a new high mark, along with 28 day passes.  Our web page views jumped from 1200 the week before to over 2700 this past week.  

To make it even better, I get this e-mail this morning:

Yesterday we attended the All-Comers race. We have been brining our kids there for 6 years and they love it. We never stuck around for the open races so really had no idea what they were about. This year my 14yo son arrived and it was clear at 6 ft tall he really needed to be with the open section. I just wanted to give you a shout out for creating such a wonderful atmosphere for kids like him. He was welcomed by the volunteers at the starts as well as by the other participants. One of the high jump official even helped him out with pointers about technique and he really liked it. 
He ended up joining 2 guys from the high jump on the 400 relay and even though a bit slower he had fun and is pushing it even harder to get faster. 
You put on a great welcoming event for all ages and I wanted to thank you for that.

On to upcoming notes.  We are facing no Frank this week (June 7), and our regular high jump guru Jan was a no show last night.  The discus is still not properly staffed — Mark won’t be there every week, and I’d rather have him at the finish line on heavy nights.  Any thoughts anyone has for those areas please let us know.

We will have Edmonds-Woodway volunteers for the next three meets.  Then — just as things usually start to heat up — they are mostly gone a second time on June 28.  So if you are saving yourself for an appearance at a future meet and aren’t picky about the date, that would be a good one!