Summer Recap

This summer saw long-time and new Club Northwest athletes competing on the track and roads.

After a one-year hiatus, the Seafair Torchlight Run resumed with a pack of orange up front. The Reed household grabbed two victories as Chris and Annie won the men’s and women’s 8k, with Andy Reed (no relation) taking the men’s 5k for to ensure surname dominance. Behind Chris were four more Club runners, as Spencer Walsh was second, Lance Thompson third (and masters champ), Ari Schorr fourth, and Destry Johnson fifth and second masters.

Featured CNW Athlete: Meghan Lyle

CNW Athlete, Meghan Lyle shares her experiences and background as a runner. 

Tell us about your running history.

I was a late bloomer, playing soccer through high school and doing track 'on the side' just to stay fit. Later in college I was continuing to run for fitness, and started to develop more speed as I trained for a few half marathons.  One random day my senior year, I did a treadmill run, and was running late for an engagement so I picked up the pace.  I was able to run about 7:00 mile pace and I thought "Hey l, I wonder how fast you have to run to run to run in college?"  I started looking up the Husky women's race times online, and did the calculations.  To this day I can't believe I had the gumption to do this, but I contacted the coach to see if I could try out for the team anyway.  I also can't believe they took a chance on such an unseasoned runner.  They gave me a training schedule for the summer, and I walked on as a 5th year senior.  The exposure to D1 training was miraculous for improving my fitness, and I ended up running really well, even making our XC Nationals team, and ultimately running third for the team at XC Nationals. 

CNW and RaceCenter's New Partnership

Race Center

CNW has entered into a media partnership with RaceCenter, based out of Bend, OR. We chose RaceCenter as a partner because we both share a commitment to supporting running and track & field in the Pacific Northwest.  RaceCenter’s annual Event Guide contains one of the most comprehensive running and endurance sports calendars found anywhere in print.

Each year, this special edition of RaceCenter serves as a catalyst for event sign-ups and source of motivation for runners across the Pacific Northwest. RaceCenter readers will find regular columns and departments in each issue throughout the year, along with feature articles about local athletes, businesses and organizations making a difference in the sport of running across the region.  RaceCenter’s mission is to inform, inspire and educate through its print, online, email and social channels.

Summer Newsletter: Taking Pride in our Club

Message from the President, Rick Albright:

Taking Pride in our Club

It seems at least once every month, our team manager or one of our board members is contacted by serious runners coming to the Pacific NW who want to connect with CNW.  Some have seen us in our iconic orange singlets at regional or national competitions and been impressed by the competitiveness and camaraderie of our athletes.  Or they’ve heard good things from colleagues about the athletes in orange, or sometimes they simply look online and decide CNW is the club for them.  While I’m proud our Club caters to and supports all levels of athletes in the running/track & field community, I am also very proud that our Club has a reputation at the regional and national level for being competitive and supportive of its elite athletes. 

Featured CNW Athlete: Gail Hall

CNW Athlete, Gail Hall shares her experiences and background as a runner. 

How did you first get involved in Club? 

I was approached to join for Club nationals in 2002 in Rocklin California. Prior to that I was sponsored by other shoe companies and raced representing them (Reebok, Mizuno, then Brooks) My prior successes were on the roads and I tend to be a "rhythm" runner, meaning I can lock into a pace an just grind away...which is why I was so successful in the marathon. (Cross country is very different!) Because I felt I stunk at cross country, I guess I just avoided it. Anyway, I got talked into going that year and we masters women had to run a 10k.

Winter Newsletter: Happy New Year!

Message from the President, Rick Albright

Happy New Year to all our Club Northwest members and your loved ones!  The start of the year is the perfect time to look back at the past year, at the many challenges and highlights, and to express our gratitude to those who have brought us to this point.  Highlights in 2016 included another successful Resolution Run, one of our best All-Comers Track & Field Series, the large number of Club athletes who qualified to participate in the US Olympic Trials, another successful cross country season, and an amazing fund raising campaign last summer.  Challenges included having to stop publication of Northwest Runner, overcoming financial difficulties, and cancelling the 2016 Firecracker 5000.  However, with your support, we were able to overcome these challenges and head into 2017 on much better financial footing than we've seen in a couple of years.  Much of this stems from the generosity of those who donated money and volunteer time to the Club, and to our corporate partners and sponsors.  Thank you all so very much!