Tuesday Night Workouts


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All paces welcome

Contact: spencerwalshrunner@gmail.com

What's happening

We started the CNW Tuesday Night Workout Group back on March 13th, 2018. So far so good. Many great efforts out on the track and tons of improvement. The group is free and open to the public so tell your friends and come get a workout!


6:15-6:30 p.m.: Warm up jog on track (jog opposite direction maybe) and surrounding area

6:30-7:00 p.m.: Interval workout on the track (longer workouts may go until 7:15 or 7:30pm, especially when we do tempo and hill combo workouts). Most workouts are ~3 miles total in length.

7:15-7:30 p.m.: Strides, cool down jog, and stretching or later depending on workout


Workouts are at the Roosevelt High School Track 1410 NE 66th St, Seattle, WA 98115.


The parking lot at Roosevelt High School is typically open for public parking during the scheduled workout time. During school events the parking lot can be crowded, but plenty of street parking is available nearby.

What to Bring

We recommend bringing a stop watch, water, electrolytes, layers to prepare for the weather, and a change of clothes for after the workout.

Coach Spencer Walsh |  Bio

Coach Spencer Walsh | Bio


This group will be led by Club Northwest members Spencer Walsh and Ashley Nichols. Read Spencer's bio and Ashley’s bio Feel free to reach out at with any additional questions at spencerwalshrunner@gmail.com and anicholsxcr@gmail.com. Please allow 24 hours for a response. 

Upcoming Workouts

2019 is here!

If you are training for a specific race or distance - please let the coaches know! They can help to modify the workout for your needs to provide training guidance.

April - Spring is finally here!

Snow showers, April flowers! And running. As we transition to spring - the coaches would like to remind all athletes to remember to take a week off every 12-16 weeks (no running no biking no nothing!). Progress is both the combination of stress and rest!

March 12th

Workout #8: Pace Changes

The goal this week is to learn to control your pace. The workout is 1600-400-1200-400-800-400. There will be 2 minutes rest in between each repeat. The 1600m, 1200m, and 800m reps should start at 10k-5k pace and work down to 3k pace. The 400m repeats should start at 3k pace and work down to mile pace.

March 19th

Workout #9: Tempo with Surges

This week’s workout will be a 15 minute tempo with 20 second surges (the coaches will be timing these for everyone), followed up with 6 x 30 second hills. Surges will be spaced out by at least a minute, and should be run at 10k-5k pace. The hills will be run on Roosevelt St, assuming construction does not block the hill.

March 26th

Workout #10: 1000s

Back to bread-and-butter intervals this week! We will be running 5-6 x 1k, with 2 minutes rest in between each set. These should start at 10k pace and work down to 5k pace.

April 2nd

Workout #11: Ladder

This week we will be doing a ladder, or boomerang since the distance goes down then up: 1200m, 800m, 400m, 400m, 800m, 1600m. The rest will be 2 minutes in between each repeat. The 1200 and 1600 should be run at 10k pace, with the 800s and 400s at 5k pace. If you are just now joining the group, adjust your pace goals to tempo (1200, 1600) and 10k (800, 400).

April 9th

Workout #12: Alternating 8s

This week is another pace-changing workout. We will run 6 x 800m, with 2 minutes rest in between. The odd numbered reps (1,3,5) will be run at 5k or faster. The even numbered reps (2,4,6) will be run at 10k-tempo pace.

 April 16th

Workout #13: Fartlek

This week will be a 4 x 4min fartlek (1 minute rest in between) run at tempo pace, working down to 10k; following up with 4 x 45 sec hills in Ravenna.