Club Northwest Youth Track and Field

Youth Team


Club Northwest Youth Track and Field seeks to provide additional training beyond the WIAA Track and Field season for the USATF Summer Track and Field season.

Training a group of similar caliber athletes from multiple area schools, we provide opportunities for athletes to participate in the sport of track and field outside of their own school's team.  

Our program fosters the same goals as any traditional youth sports program in terms of developing camaraderie, sportsmanship, and strong work ethic, while keeping the top priority on having fun! Our program is run in such a way that it offers balance between life, family and athletic commitments.

Coach Bios

Head Coach – Gavin Tucker

Assistant Coach – Sophie Brooks

Assistant Coach  Katie Walters-Krhon

Youth Hall of Fame

Learn about some of our standout athletes!



Want to join?

If interested in joining or if you would like more information, please contact Coach Gavin Tucker at for more information.