office & business address


P.O. Box 31958
Seattle, WA 98103

DIRECTORY 2016-2017

President:  Tyler Van Dooren
Vice President for Teams and Teams Committee chair:  Waqar Shaikh
Vice President for Members and Membership Committee chair:  Caitlin McIlwain
Secretary and Communications Committee chair:  Drea Garvue
Treasurer and Finance Committee chair:  Nick Welch
Events Committee chair:  Lance Thompson
Events manager and contact for events questions, particularly for all-comers meets:  Bill Roe
Fundraising Committee Chair: Acy Roff
Magnuson Series manager:  Tahoma Doyon
Resolution Run manager:  Brian Oster
Membership manager: Tracy Wollschlager
Teams manager:  Deborah Fletcher
Race Results:
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How do I join Club Northwest?
Please visit our Membership page to learn how and why to join Club Northwest.

What benefits will I get to enjoy if I join Club Northwest?
Members of Club Northwest get to enjoy quarterly social events, discounted entry to partner road races, free entry to cross country races, a 25% off discount to RaceCenter magazine, and numerous other benefits. Please check out our Membership page for full details.

How can I help or volunteer with Club Northwest?
Thank you! We are always looking for volunteers to help out and give back to Club Northwest. Please visit our Volunteer page to signup and learn about opportunities.

Can I donate to Club Northwest?
Thank you for donating! Your donation helps Club Northwest share the excitement of competing in Track & Field, Distance Running, and Cross Country with thousands of athletes in the Greater Seattle area. Club Northwest is a 501c-3 organization so this donation is tax deductible.You can multiply your gift to Club Northwest if you work for a matching gift employer. Please check with your (or your spouse's/partner's) human resources department. Please visit our Donations page to learn how.

I represent a business/organization interested in partnering with Club Northwest. Whom should I contact?
Thanks for expressing interest. We are always open to new sponsorship and partnership opportunities. Please contact our President with any inquiries.

I'm a competitive Track & Field Athlete/Road Racer looking for a team. Does Club Northwest offer support for Elite Athletes?
Yes! In cooperation with our main sponsor Brooks, we aim to offer support to up-and-coming regionally and nationally-competitive athletes living in Western Washington. Please visit our Teams: Athletes page to learn about the standards and support we offer our Elite Athletes.

I'm a race director looking to advertise my race. 
If you are interested in partnering with Club Northwest to attract more general runners to and help advertise your race, please contact our Membership Committee.

I'm a race director looking to recruit elite runners to my races. 
If you are looking to recruit elite runners with comp-entries, please contact our Teams Committee.

I see you have profiles of different athletes on your Teams: Athletes page. Can I get a profile?
All of our Elite Athletes have profiles as part of their sponsorship deal. However, if you are a member of Club Northwest and are not an elite athlete, we will still put a profile up for you under our Open Athletes section. Please contact our Communications Committee with your request, including a picture of yourself racing in your CNW singlet or shirt and your PRs. 

Can I still get Northwest Runner magazine?
Sorry, due to the changing nature of print, we unfortunately had to cease publication of Northwest Runner summer of 2016. However, we have partnered with RaceCenter magazine to offer discount subscriptions to our membership.

How do I order Club Northwest gear?
Checkout our store. Be aware that we do not carry large stocks of gear; instead, we do seasonal orders and orders when enough members express interest in a particular piece of gear. Thanks!

Any other questions that are not answered above?
Please check our directory for whom to email with your question. Still unsure? Please direct any other general inquiries to our President, whom will direct it the committee that can answer your question. Thanks!