Cross Country Team

Do you enjoy mud, camaraderie, and suffering through the hills of Lower Woodland Park? Join Club Northwest for the fall XC season! 

benefits of joining

  • Free entry into the following cross country races:  WWU Classic, Emerald City Open, PNTF Champs, NW Regional Championships, and Club Nationals.  This alone will recoup your CNW membership fee. Team entries will be handled by CNW Team manager,  Mark Bloudek.
  • Group practices run by coach Tom Cotner and Mark Bloudek. Please contact Tom or Mark at and before attending. 
  • Be a part of the best cross country team in the Pacific Northwest!


    how to join the CNW Cross Country team

    • You must be a Club Northwest member. To join, go to our internal membership website here and register. When registering, make sure all your info is correct including your email address and birthdate.  
    • If you are already a member, make sure your CNW membership is valid through December 2018.
    • If you are interested in competing at the PNTF Championships, USATF NW Regional Championships, or USATF Club Nationals you need to have a 2018 USATF membership affiliated with Club Northwest (#116). Masters athletes will need to have their age verified so please make sure to have your birthdate updated at the CNW membership site.
    • Wear our uniform during cross country meets. It consists of our pumpkin orange Brooks singlet ($30-$45) and black shorts. Singlets can be found on the Club Northwest store.
    • For further membership questions contact Mark Bloudek (

    Registering for Cross country races

    Registration for cross country is always completed through the Events section of our internal membership website, which you can find here

    Additionally, we require all CNW athletes participating in cross country to sign up for the cross country email list. It is crucial to be on this email list as these emails will:

    • alert you when registration opens for upcoming races,
    • provide instructions for how to successfully register for upcoming races; amd
    • provide important information throughout the cross country season. 


    2018 cross country schedule

    meet the 2017 club national team


    2017 men's open team

    2017 men's 40's team

    2017 men's 50's team

    • John O'Hearn (Team Captain)
    • Bob Brennand
    • Carl Combs
    • Paul Abdalla
    • Tony Gerbino
    • Sean Messiter
    • Acy Roff

    2017 men's 60's team

    • Greg Beyerlein
    • Rick Becker
    • Joe Sheeran
    • Steve Bertrand
    • Fred Motteler

    2017 women's open team

    2017 women's 40's team

    2017 women's 50's team

    • Kelly Kruell
    • Gail Hall
    • Kristen Mossman

    2018 CNW XC National Team Elite Team Selection Criteria

    The Teams Committee has defined the selection criteria for the men’s and women’s open elite teams for the 2017 XC season.

    The procedure will be similar to years past, with the open athletes (Men and Women) competing for 3 positions based on points and 3 at large positions based on selection by the teams manager,VP of teams, and team captain for a total of 6 positions for each Open Elite (A) team (men’s & women’s).   The 7th and 8th position (Who will need to fund their own airfare) for each open team will be selected at the discretion of the Team manager, VP of teams, and team captain.

    The procedure for the masters team will consist of Men's 40’s athletes competing for 4 positions based on points and 3 at large positions based on selection by the Team manager, VP of teams, and team captain  for a total of 7 positions.  The Men’s 50’s team will consist of 4 positions based on points and 3 at large positions based on selection by the team manager, VP of teams, and team captain for a total of 7 positions.  The men's 60's team will consist of 2 positions based on points and 2 at large positions based on selection by team manager, VP of teams, and team captain for a total of 4 spots.  The masters women's team will consist of women competing for 2 positions based on points and 2 at large positions based on selection by the Team manager, VP of Teams, and team captain for a total of 4 positions for each Women's masters team 40's and 50's. The selection of additional team members (Who will need to fund the entire trip except their entry) will be at the discretion of the Team manager, VP of teams, and team captain in order to fill out ANY/ALL masters teams.  The Club has some extra hotel rooms (For purchase by the athlete) for those master’s athletes who are filling out teams.

     Scoring for OPEN athletes (Men and Women) will use your best score for 3 out of 4 qualifying meets, with the PNTF counting as double points. For Masters women athletes, we will use your best score for 2 out of 3 qualifying meets (Regionals excluded), with PNTF counting as double points.  For Masters Men athletes, we will use your best score for 2 out of 3 qualifying meets (Regionals excluded).  PNTF will have equal weighting for Men’s masters athletes due to the race being 6K.

    Athletes must have a CNW membership which runs through December, 2018 and be racing in uniform to count for a race.  Also, for PNTF Champs and USATF Regionals, current USATF membership is required.

    Scoring as follows:

    1st Place scores 10 points (pts), 2nd 9 pts,…..10th is 1 pt.  Above 10th is 1 pt.  DNF scores 0 pts.

    Qualifying meets are:

    • Sat., Oct. 6    Emerald City Open, Lower Woodland, Seattle
    • Sat., Oct. 20    WWU Classic, 10k men, 6k women, Sudden Valley Golf Course
    • Sun., Nov. 11    PNTF Champs, Lower Woodland, Seattle
    • Sat., Nov 24   USATF Regionals, Magnuson Park, Seattle

    The open team will be selected after Regionals.  This is a full 13 days before Club Nationals on Dec. 8th. 

    The masters team members who automatically qualify on points will be selected after PNTF.   The final at large spots will be completed after regionals.  The reason for selecting most, if not all the spots after PNTF is to allow masters team members the ability to arrange flights to Nationals.  We will make an effort to announce as many at-large spots as possible after PNTF, but may need to delay some selections until Regionals due to team members being close in ability.

    The selected teams will represent CNW at the 2018 USATF National Club Cross Country Championships Saturday December 8th, in Spokane, WA.

    Our goal is to field the best possible teams for Nationals.

    Nationals team funding

    The Club will fund the top 6 on each open team.  All open team members will be responsible for their own food expenses and $100 per person to offset expenses.  The reason for the $100 per person contribution is to allow for full support (Excluding airfare) for our masters runners due to the financial realities that the club faces.  The 7th and 8th open runners will be responsible for their airfare but will have their hotel, ground transportation, and entry covered .

    Masters athletes will pay for their own air travel. The Club will pay for entry fee, ground transportation, and hotel on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in Lexington, KY for the top 7 on men's teams 40's, top 7 for the men’s 50’s, top 4 for the men’s 60’s,  and top 4 on women's teams (40's, 50's).  The Club will pay for any masters athlete's entry fee that attends the Club Nationals race in Lexington, KY.  You need to keep your team captain informed of your travel plans.  Masters are encouraged to coordinate their transportation on Thursday with their team captain.

     The team captains are Tyler VanDooren for Men’s open, Lana Lacey for Women’s open, Lance Thompson for Men’s 40’s, John O'Hearn for the Men's50's, Janet McDevitt for the Women’s 40’s, Kelly Kruell for the Women's 50's, and Tom Cotner for the Men's 60's. 

    1) Are there group training workouts?

    We do have group practices run by coach Tom Cotner.  Please contact Tom at before attending.

    2) Age verification.  How do I do this?

    Go to the membership link and make sure your birthdate is correct.

    3) What are the distances for the XC races?

    They vary.  For women, all races are 6K.  For open men, races are either 8K or 10K.  For master’s men, races are generally 8K and 10K, except PNTF Champs, which is 6K.  Club Nationals is 10K for men’s 40’s and 50’s and 8K for men’s 60’s..

    4)  For Club Nationals, how will the prize money, if any, be distributed?

    All athletes will get to keep 100% of their individual or team prize money.

    5) For Club Nationals, why do Master’s pay for their own air travel while Open athletes pay $100?

    A primary mission of Club Northwest is to support talented and aspiring post-collegiate athletes in their quest to make National, World, and perhaps even Olympic teams.  These young athletes often are trying to train and juggle jobs at the same time.  Additionally, their performances reach larger audiences and bring greater exposure for our club.  For that reason, our top priority for funding goes to these folks.  This is not to discredit our World Class Master’s athletes, of which we have many.  We have a lot of respect for their effort and performances too.