Sunday Runs


Looking for a group of runners to put in the miles with on your long run? We invite you to join us for #CNWSundayRunday! Runs start 8:00 am Sunday mornings out front of the Green Lake Super Jock & Jill (unless otherwise noted). We have two pace groups each week. One group will be between 7:15 -7:45 min/mile and the other will be between 8:15-8:45 min/mile. Each week we have different run leaders and route, posted below:

We are looking for New leaders! If you are interested in leading please let Ashley or Kimber know. 

February 10th Sunday Run: Lance and Ashley!

Couple of Things (from Lance):

1. But Snowpocalypse! Should I really drive through the ice and snow for this?

--The answer is no, I'm going because I live within running distance, but don't drive over just for the run if it doesn't look safe. For those near Greenlake that were running anyway or people who have the right car & tires, join us.

2. Will the conditions allow us to run?

--Hopefully. It's supposed to be in the teens, so we are likely running on a crunchy layer of ice above 8 inches of snow, or trampled down levels of ice/snow, so it won't be as much fun as today's fresh snow.

3. Where will we go?

We'll keep it around Greenlake, Woodland Park, and Ravenna Boulevard to avoid too much traffic, and keep us from getting far away. That way people can cut out early if the conditions are too poor. There is a lot of flexibility for the route.

4. Didn't people get lost one time when you lead the run?

I'd call it more minor confusion about which trails to take. We did regroup before leaving the park! Anyway, tomorrow's route won't get you lost. It will be fine!

5. What pace will we go?

Even if we tried to go fast, it wouldn't be fast. We will not try to go fast, more of a lower 7-mid 7 effort.

Have a safe day whatever your plans are, and I'll possibly see a handful of you tomorrow.