Mitch Rees-Jones

Mitch Rees-Jones

Age: 23

Events: Cross and track/road 3k-10k; eventually the marathon

Hometown: Charleston, SC

College/University competed for: NC State Scrub Runners

Personal Bests

5K - 15:51

8k road - 26:53

10k road - 33:45

Career Highlights

2019 Beat the Bridge: 11th place

2018 Club Nats XC 10k, 34:55, 317th

Selected for the 2018 Ireland National Intermediate XC Championships, despite being neither Irish nor in Ireland at the time

2017 Krispy Kreme Challenge: First full body shark costume to cross the line

2016 NC State Pancake Mile - 18 IHOP pancakes, followed by a terrible 5:06 in boat shoes and normie clothes. Do not recommend

The fact that I'm still enjoying running and getting much faster after college!


I started running in high school and continued on and off on the NC State club team, and am stoked to have moved to the PNW post-graduation. I joined club because I realized I can get much faster runner if I do higher quality, higher volume training with with people faster than me. So far I've set over 4 minutes' worth of PRs in 2 seasons. Keep the ball rolling.

My real passion is building up a strong team culture and I want to help my teammates achieve their competitive goals - especially the big, hard, long term goals that may or may not seem possible. I'm inspired by the level at which we as a club compete and the competitive standard we set, and I want to continue and grow that in the coming years.